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Next Level Eclipse 17u Blue Roster
Posted May 24, 2015

Coaches:  Dru Wheatcroft and Damon Bell


Phone:  913-530-4081

Next Level Eclipse 17u Blue Tournament Schedule
Posted Apr 18, 2017


                                    April 7th-8th - USJN Qualifier: Great Plains in Kansas City

                                    April 13th-14th - Wichita Hoops Kickoff Classic in Wichita, KS

                                    April 21st-22nd – USJN Windy City Classic in Chicago, IL

                                    May 5th-6th - USJN Gateway Challenge in St. Louis, MO

                                    May 19th-20th - Eclipse/Cornhusker Shooting Stars Tourney in Kansas City

                                    June 2nd-3rd  – USJN Battle at the Border in Kanas City

                                    July 5th-8th – Nike USJN Premier Invitational in Indianapolis, IN

                                    July 14th-15th - Tourney in Kansas City

                                    July 23rd-24th  – Wichita Hoops in Wichita, KS

                                    July 27th-29th - USJN Mountain Madnes in Denver, CO